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From providing a place for a drug and alcohol free graduation party for high school students to directing exercise programs that strengthen the aging bones of our senior citizens; the Collins Perley Sports & Fitness Center is devoted to improving the mental and physical health of the people of our region. At the CP, you’ll find Meeting Rooms, Function Halls, and a full array of sports and health venues.

Sometimes it’s about the little things.


These cylinders are found throughout the complex. They provide pop up disinfecting wipes and disposal…easy peasy!                                       
 mens locker room

The shower and locker room facilities. They are large, airy, and clean. Spaces that promote air-flow and cleanliness can help eliminate bacterial threats.




Conventions, Meetings, Shows, Expositions, Fairs & Concerts

With 50 acres of grounds and 70,000 feet of show or meeting space all at ground level and all under one roof, The Collins Perley Sports & Fitness Center is the largest special events center in the Northwestern Vermont, Southern Quebec, and Northeastern New York region.


The North Exhibition Hall is 27,600 sq feet. It can be divided by a heavy curtain. The rubber all purpose floors are comfortably for walking and standing. There is 96.5′ x 22′ stage elevated 3.5 feet above floor level. There is 12 x 12 foot overhead door at ground level.


The South Exhibition hall is 17,000 sq feet. From late September through March 1st, it is a hockey arena. Rink boards are removed as necessary. The floor is cement. There is an overhead door at ground level. There is minimal heating.


Meeting room A (Aerobics room) is 1,763 sq feet. It has a heavily padded floor. One wall is mirrored. The other two are covered with chalkboards. It is also air conditioned.


Meeting room B ( Classroom) is 667 sq feet. It has tile floor. One wall has a chalkboard.


Special rooms: There are 7 rooms that are designed as locker rooms. Some have shower and toilet facilities. Most can be adapted for meeting or other use. There are two racquetball courts. Each is 800 sq feet. They can be adapted for meeting or display use.


Common areas: There is a 2,475 sq foot entry hall between the North and South Exhibition Halls. There are adequate men’s and women’s and handicapped toilet facilities. There are changing rooms and shower facilities.


Sound: All halls and rooms have excellent sound systems. Most can be run independently or simultaneously.


Lighting: All halls and rooms are well illuminated. There are multiple lighting levels options. There is no theatrical lighting.


Parking: There is parking surrounding the buildings for 763 cars. The west baseball field has its own parking.

Frozen or dry fields can be used for additional parking of up to 1,000 cars.

General Use

Our fields have been used for everything from a staging area for a major motion picture to flying remote control aircraft and from women’s rugby to ultimate Frisbee.  We will consider permitting
any activity.  Golf is not allowed.