Peer Support and changing venue’s make Adventures in Wellness a recurring event here at the center.
Our guru of challenges is always changing things up to combat boredom as well as meet the needs of an ever changing population. Enter one, enter all, it’s up to you! Every quarter or so a new event will take place. They are typically 8 to 10 weeks long and may come in the form of a conventional “challenge”, where participants compete for prizes or glory, or they may be more team oriented with a focus less on competing and more on participating.



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Sign up for the 10 week   “Stronger and Better You” challenge

January 25th through March 29th


JOIN the CHALLENGE and get …
·        2 Coaches per team!

·        Weekly Check-ins with Beth

·        A new point system

·        YOUR choice of measurement options –

Body fat, Inches or pounds

·        Nutritional forums

·        National Week exercises –

             Core, Legs, Arms, etc.

·        40 classes!

·        Free gym time –

Including a free training session


$115 per person ($80 for Corporate VIP Members)

call 527-1202 or email








Past Challenges & Adventures:

Fall 2016


Spring 2016



Winter 2016


Fall 2015

Summer 2015